100% Pure, Natural and Cold pressed Avocado oil (30ml)

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  • SKIN SMOOTHENING -It is the high level of Vitamin E that prevents the skin from inflammations and itchiness thereby helping the skin to maintain its health and softness. The antioxidants present in the oil is also found to be capable of soothing even sunburned skin. Massage a good amount of avocado oil into your skin after you bath.
  • DEEP TISSUE MOISTURIZER -Avocado oil is known for its ability to deeply penetrate the outer layers of skin. This allows it to deliver moisture deep into the dermis without leaving heavy oil residue. Use Speaking Tree 100% Pure Avocado Oil to support softer, smoother skin on your face, hands, and body.
  • FACE -For a daily cleanser combine the moisturizing and vitamin-rich properties of Avocado oil with the antibacterial properties of tea tree oil.
  • HEALING WOUNDS -Avocado oil is effective in boosting new skin regeneration and keeping your existing skin cells healthier, stronger. Avocado oil will speed up the healing process for wounds without leaving any scars on your skin.
  • HAIR CONDITIONER -Avocado oil will improve your hair condition and make your hair look more elastic and soft. Avocado oil has the high-fat content which helps to enhance your hair‘s texture and lower the risk of hair breakage. Unruly and brittle hair will regain shine and texture. EYE MAKEUP REMOVER -The eye area is sensitive. Pour a sufficient amount of avocado oil in a cotton ball and gently remove your eye makeup in a few minutes.


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