Deep Cleansing Red Clay Handmade Soap- 100 gms

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  • REFRESHES & TONES: Speaking Tree Deep Cleansing Red Clay handmade soap is made with red clay, which is globally renowned for its cleansing and anti-aging benefits. The soap is a great addition to your skincare routine as it is a convenient way to access the beauty benefits of red clay. It moisturizes, refreshes, tones and tightens the contour of the skin, smoothens wrinkles, rebalances dry, flaky skin, nourish the skin, even out stubborn blackheads.
  • BRINGS VITALITY TO THE SKIN: The soap gently exfoliates while it unclogs pores, detoxifies and absorbs excess oils to help improve the texture and appearance of the skin. It replenishes and heals tired skin cells, helps to regenerate the epidermis of the skin to create a soft and healthy glowing skin. It tightens the skin, improves complexion, evens skin tone, helps fade away blemishes, stimulates skin renewal resulting in a fresher, brighter appearance.
  • 100% NATURAL & HANDMADE: Speaking Tree Deep Cleansing Red Clay soap is pure, vegetarian, handmade, contains a blend of nature‚Äôs best ingredients specially formulated through cold processed method to retain the quality and effectiveness of the natural ingredients. It is free of dyes, sulfates, chemical, preservatives, alcohol, foaming agents, synthetic colour and fragrance.
  • CLEANSES & DETOXIFIES: Red Clay is a very effective natural remedy with varied applications for beauty. It has powerful antiseptic properties, purifies deeper layers of the skin. The high levels of iron oxide in Red Clay is useful for purifying, brightening and strengthening the skin. It is very much useful to eliminate pimples, and is highly recommended to control excessive sweating problems.
  • REFINES PORES: The gentle formula helps to cleanse the skin of oil, dirt and grime while moisturizing and softening. It unclogs and shrinks pores and controls overproduction of sebum, draws out toxins from your skin, making skin softer and smoother. It improves conditions of dryness, clarifies skin texture and firmness.


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