Deep Nourishing 21 Herbs Handmade Soap – 100 gms

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  • REFRESHED BATHING EXPERIENCE: While the commercial soaps are chemical laden that rip off the natural oils that protect and keep the skin hydrated, the Speaking Tree Deep Nourishing 21 herbs handmade soap enter deep into the skin and reestablishes its shine. It makes your skin delicate, supple and keeps it hydrated giving you a refreshed bathing experience.
  • DEEPLY MOISTURIZING: The chemical laden soaps deplete the natural oil component of the skin while cleansing the surface. But the natural handmade soap does not contain harsh chemicals that lead to dryness. It is blended with emollient oils that contribute to stable lather, conditioning and deep moisturizing effect.
  • 100% NATURAL & HANDMADE: The pure, vegetarian, herbal soap is made with exceptional 21 herbs which is made through traditional cold pressed method to retain the nutritional value of the herbs. The all-natural formals is free of chemicals, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, dyes, synthetic colour and synthetic fragrance.
  • HERBAL FORMULA: The delicate handmade soap is made with herbs known for their curative, protective and beautifying properties. The herbs have therapeutic and healing characteristics that offer specific benefits to the skin, such as healing, nourishment and moisturizing. Regular use of the soap will revive dull skin, making it look younger.
  • HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE TO CONVENTIONAL SOAP: Natural ingredients are becoming prevalent in formulations due to consumer’s concerns about synthetic ingredients. The natural soap contributes its healthful qualities through its abilities to tone, balance, relax, cleanse and invigorate. It cleanses, exfoliates, softens the skin and is effective for people with oily and mixed skin.


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