Peppermint Handmade Soap Enriched with Natural Glycerin – 100 gms

  • REFRESHING SKIN TONIC: A brilliant refreshing soap is ideal for those early mornings when you need an invigorating shower or a good boost to your fatigued body after a long hard day.
  • REVITALIZES YOUR SKIN: The natural source of menthol features a cooling impact on skin and contributes to waking up dull and tired skin. Infused with coconut and palm oils to hydrate your skin, making it soft, sleek and supple.
  • A SAFE AND SECURE SOAP: 100% pure, natural, vegetarian, handmade and made through cold processed method to retain the quality and effectiveness of natural ingredients. The soap is free of chemicals, preservatives, dyes, alcohol, and synthetic fragrance.
  • HELPS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR SKIN: The natural skin toner makes a terrific addition to your everyday beauty routine for fresh-looking skin. Valuable antioxidants help to restore your skin’s natural balance. Purifies sluggish skin and is suitable for all skin varieties.
  • INTENSE NATURAL AROMA: The tingly natural peppermint aroma is relaxing and soothing and can elevate your spirits. Cleanses the skin and leaves the senses energized with hints of peppermint oils. Great for use as a face soap, body soap, for men, women and teens.
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