Speaking Tree Deep Cleansing Green Tea Handmade Soap – 100gms (Pack of 3)

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  • NATURAL HANDMADE SOAP: Speaking Tree green tea soap is a 100% vegetarian, natural handmade which is made by the cold-pressed method and does not include any kind of preservatives or harmful additives. Packed with extracts of pure, green tea leaves, the soap is exceptionally mild, non-toxic, natural way of getting the anti-bacterial and skin-beautifying effects of green tea as part of your daily showering procedural.
  • DETOXIFYING SOAP: The mild, herbal soap penetrates deep into the skin pores to remove clogged debris and excess oil which may cause pimples and acne. This detoxifying effect makes your skin feel refreshed and energetic. The soap is efficient in removing suntan, pigmentation, provides blemish-free skin that brightens skin tone. The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea soap help in calming down problematic skin.
  • EXFOLIATES GENTLY: Green tea soap gently exfoliates the skin, helps to remove dead skin cells that can cause the skin to look dull and lifeless. The gentle exfoliation process helps to trigger the production of new skin cells for a glowing appearance. Regular use serves as an enhancement to sunscreen, reduces sun damage, brightens skin, resulting in an appearance that is glowing and rejuvenated.
  • EVENS SKIN TONE: Green tea soap is a perfect choice for refining skin tone and reducing blemishes. It boosts skin hydration, moisture retention, and prevents wrinkle formation. The catechins in green tea are potent polyphenols that can fight free radicals, reduce skin damage, and give protection from UV-rays. The powerful catechins help revive skin cells and promote healthy new cells
  • IMPROVES SKIN TEXTURE: The subtle, invigorating aroma of the soap relaxes the mind, body and soul and keeps you from stress. Green tea soap helps in calming down problematic skin, including acne, combats and protects against unwelcome irritants. Green tea is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants which are known to fight free radicals that damage skin, can help fight wrinkles and give your skin a healthy glow.
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